Privacy Policy

If you read the Gutenberg website, no more information is collected than is typically collected in server logs by websites in general.

Specifically, all usage of or any domain in is intended to be anonymous. Your name, or any other identifying information, is never requested. However, your IP address and requests from that address are recorded by our servers, for periodic analysis of website traffic, quality assurance, and aggregate reporting. All website access logs are automatically and permanently deleted after 60 days.

Note that Project Gutenberg does not control any mirrors except those at and any domain in, and those mirrors might have different procedures.

Uses of Cookies and Captchas

In order to assure the site is available for human users, not robots or third-party sites, this site may make use of cookies, captchas, and related techniques to apply our Terms of Use. See the Terms of Use for alternate means to acquire Project Gutenberg content and metadata (i.e., mirrors, offline catalogs, and OPDS) if you cannot abide by these techniques.

Contributing Authors

Any content, including errata reports and fixes, are donated to the public domain. If you write something, assume that it will be retained forever. This includes articles, user pages and talk pages.

Linkes to Third Party Websites

The Project Gutenbeg website has links to external sites that it does not control and has no relationship to. Some of those sites are notorious wholesale collectors of private data, and it has been reported that such data are freely shared with national spy organizations and others. We strive to link in a manner that does not allow those third party websites to see what you are doing on Project Gutenberg unless you explicitly select one of those links. When you select a third party link, you will leave the Project Gutenberg website, and we cannot tell you what the other site will do with your data.